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Our QUALITY Refurbished PC systems

Frequently asked Questions about refurbished PC systems

What are refurbished PC systems and what does 'Grade A' mean?

You can save £££'s on the cost of a refurbished PC compared to the cost when new. These PCs offer excellent value for money.

All PC components including optical drives including CD, DVD, or CDRW/DVD, DVD-RW, hard disk drive, ports, etc have been checked and an array of tests has been conducted to ensure the PC system is in complete working order.

Our range of PC systems has been completely manufacturer refurbished - this means than the manufacturer has undertaken the testing process fully - ensuring you get the highest standard of quality in the PC system.

'Grade A' is a classification awarded to a PC system - when the following comprehensive criteria has been undertaken :

1. The PC has been fully and professionally refurbished by the original manufacturer and tested in accordance to guidelines adopted worldwide by the industry,

2. The PC has no major scratches or wear-and-tear and it is in the best condition possible,

3. The PC has been fully clean wiped
(previous contents of hard-drive fully erased)

We guarantee that all our refurbished PC systems are in Grade A condition as stated on the website.

Where do you source your refurbished PC systems from?

We source our complete range of refurbished PC systems from corporate and ex-lease blue chip stock. PC systems from these sources have been kept in the best condition possible and regulary been serviced according to the manufacturers guidelines. This ensures that we supply the best possible refurbished PC that money can buy.

Our aim is to offer you the best value for money refurbished PC system that money can buy.

Nearly all our refurbished PC systems are supported by Windows XP and are Internet ready!

What warranty do you offer?

We offer a standard 6 months warranty or 6 months onsite (with Fujitsu-Siemens refurbished PC systems)
- which has the option of being extended to 2 years parts and labour or upgraded to 12 months, if required. Please contact us prior to ordering if you require any extra warranty cover.

All PC systems are fully tested prior to dispatch.

Do you offer technical support on these laptops?

Yes, we offer FREE LIFETIME technical support/customer service unlike many other competitors selling refurbished PC systems! - by telephone on our normal national rate number or email support. All emails are responded to within 2 hours during our normal hours of business.

Can you supply any other accessory/upgrade with PC system

Yes, we can supply a vast array of accessories and upgrades with the PC system,

Do the PC systems have an operating system?

In most cases they do come with Windows. Where an operating system is installed on a PC system - it will be shown as part of the item description.

Where do I get the drivers for these PC systems?

The drivers are available direct from the manufacturers website. We cannot take any liability for the operating systems the original manufacturer may support. Most of the higher Pentium 3 and above refurbished PC systems will support Windows XP though.

What if the refurbished PC system i'm after is not shown on your refurbished PC stock list?

If the PC/brand specification that your after is not shown on the website, or you are working to a tight budget then email us with your individual requirements - there will always be something we can supply you, even though its not shown our website. Our vast stock changes daily.

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