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CADCAM PHOTSHOP LIGHTROOM Refurbished High Performance MULTIMEDIA/CADCAM APPLE Large square screen 24" iMAC all-in-one PC SYSTEM, INTEL DUAL CORE 2.8GHz, MASSIVE 8GB RAM, Superdrive DVD-RW, iSight Webcam, MASSIVE 1000GB/1TB HDD, ATi RADEON 2600 PRO graphics card, El Capetain Apple operating system

Product ID Code APPLEIMAC24_1_8_1TB
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This item is provided with a complete 12 months warranty. Extended warranties on request.

This refurbished PC system can be fully upgraded/customised to suit your needs including more memory, faster processor, bigger hard-drive, extra peripherals etc, please call us on 01642 783031 for options.

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Detailed Item Description

Superb, great looking large screen FULL HD (1920 x 1200 resolution) 24" APPLE iMAC complete PC system. Comes with a powerful DUAL CORE INTEL Core 2 DUO 2.8GHz processor with a massive 8GB RAM, iSight Built-in Webcam, massive 1000GB/1TB hard-drive and both wired/wireles interent connections. A design classic which still looks good in any enviroment and this APPLE PC was one of the last one's to have built in DVD-RW Super drive. With great sound quality from the amazing built-in speakers this all-in-one PC not only saves on disk space but sets a designer trend to any office desk. Photoshop, lightroom should'nt be a problem as the iMAC has a dedicated ATI RADEON 2600 PRO graphics card with 256MB of high speed dedicated video memory that is optimised for such applications as well as playing great HD video from the likes of youtube. Customer's should check their own graphics card requirements for specific applications they wish to utilise on this iMAC. Comes with standard Apple wired keyboard(not the small one as pictured, but the normal large full size Apple keyboard) and a wired Apple optical mouse, as originally shipped. Comes complete with original Apple packaging box. New this iMAC was 2500. EL Capetain Apple operating system is installed on this iMAC and it runs great with it. The large FULL HD LED 24" square display make this Apple a pleasure to work on, with vibrant FULL colour representation. A great starter APPLE PREMIUM all-in-one iMAC PC for existing Apple users or those new to the APPLE world. Please note we can install Windows 7 on this PC and make it a DUAL BOOT Apple OS/Windows 7 PC , please call us if you need this option on 01642 783031 or 07583 737526. This PC also has 4x USB ports with 2 x USB ports on the keyboard (so 6 in total) and high speed Firewire 1394 port for digital AV.

Intel core 2 duo DUAL CORE 2.8GHz x 2/ 8GB DDR2 RAM

Display/ Graphics
24" APPLE Display (1920 x 1200) FULL HD / Ati RADEON 2600 PRO 256MB dedicated graphics card

Hardware Specification
Apple wired keyboard, Apple Wired optical mouse, 500GB high speed 7200rpm hardisk, 10/100/1000 GIGABIT networking, Suprdrive DVD-RW drive, iSight WEBCAM, ATI RADEON 2600 pro graphics card, on board high defination surround sound card, PORTS : 4xUSB 2.0, 1FIREWIRE 1394, 1DISPLAY, 1RJ45 Network,etc

Software/Operating System
EL Capetain Operating System

Great all-in-one large APPLE iMAC PC system

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12 months/
3 days

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