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Synergy COMPLETE Intel Core-2-Duo QUAD CORE Q6600 2.4GHz PC system with 19.1" Widescreen display, Windows 7 OR VISTA OR XP - 2 year warranty

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Price includes UK mainland delivery and LIFETIME UK based technical support, manned 12 hours a day during normal weekdays.

This PC System can be fully customised to suit your needs, with additional upgrades, etc. Please call us on 0844 8040 196 with your specific enquiry or email us

Where an operating system is supplied, we supply the complete genuine Microsoft Windows DVD/CD and COA license.

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PC system detailed description

The super high performance PC system has been designed for the users who are looking for a COMPLETE upgrade to the latest high performance QUAD Core PC system. The PC system utilises a very powerful Intel Core-2-DUO QUAD Core Q6600 processor clocked at 2.4GHz. This amazing powerhouse has 64BIT bit processing, 4 multi-processing processor cores and is fully compatible with the latest Windows 7 or VISTA or XP operating systems. The system COMES complete with super 19.1" Widescreen display with built-in speakers, keyboard/mouse and a choice of Windows 7 or XP or VISTA operating systems, please let us know preference. This super PC system comes with standard 2GB of RAM and a massive 500GB hard-drive for your multimedia storage needs. For all your CD and DVD writing needs this PC system has a super built in DVD-RW drive as well as a super Built-In Smart Card Media Reader, to read all your camera, etc digital memory cards. For todays multimedia, gaming needs this PC system comes with a dedicated NVidea graphics card. Remember ANY aspect of this PC system can be fully upgraded on request. Please call us to customise this PC system. Remember this PC system comes COMPLETE, ready setup out of the box to be used, fully licensed with Microsoft recovery CD supplied for Windows 7 OR Windows VISTA or XP and is black/silver in colour.

Intel Core-2-DUO Q6600 QUAD CORE 2.4GHz / 2GB DDR 2

Display Screen/Graphics Card
19.1" Super Widescreen display with built-in speakers / Nvidea Geforce 8400GS 512MB dedicated graphics card

Hardware facts
500GB SATA2 hard-disk, Dual Layer DVD-RW drive, Built-in Smart Card Media Card Reader, High Defination Surround Sound, 10/100 Networking, PORTS/INTERFACES : 6 x USB 2.0 ports, 2 on FRONT, 4 on REAR, 2PS2,Mouse/Keyboard, 1Mic/LineIn, 1SurroundSoundOut, 1PSU, VGA, 1RJ45Network

Operating System/Software
Windows 7 Home Premium OR VISTA or XP (please let us know preference)

Amazing state-of-the-art QUAD CORE PC system



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Delivery :
5 days

Warranty :
2 years parts and labour

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