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SPECIAL OFFER TODAY ONLY Refurbished Fully Ruggardised Panasonic Toughbook CF28 P3 800MHz, 13.3" DayBright TOUCHSCREEN display, 256MB MEMORY, 40GB Hard-drive, DVD-ROM drive, WIFI, Windows XP Professional, 2 years warranty

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Product ID Code PANCF28BAS
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Please see below for full laptop description

Remember this refurbished laptop is in
EXCELLENT condition and comes with THE BEST industry leading 1 years warranty as standard (excluding battery, as its classed as a consumable item!). If you need battery life like new, then please call us for optional price of a new battery with this specific laptop. Please note that battery life is not guaranteed on any of our refurbished laptops but most of them do have good batteries.

WE GIVE 1 years warranty for TOTAL PEACE OF MIND as standard. So in the long run buying a laptop from us is a better choice and more value for money.

Extended warranties are also available upto 2 years for an extra £100 with this laptop. Please call us if you require this option at time of purchase.

This laptop can be fully customised to suit your needs, with bigger hard-drive, more memory, different operating system installed than the one as listed, including Windows 95/98/98SE/XP/VISTA/Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 10 etc, please call us if you need any upgrade or a alternative Operating System than the one already installed on this item.

Remember this item is provided with
complete FREE LIFETIME technical support from us as long as you own the product, available by email 24/7/INSTANT FACEBOOK Messaging or local call rate telephone number.

To see what we do, how we refurbish laptops, click the facebook link below, you can also send us a instant message via facebook if you have a specific enquiry about this item before purchase.

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Grade A condition for a used pre-owned laptop. Laptop is fully tested before dispatch. Please note we do NOT warranty the battery as its classed as a consumable. If you want and EXPECT battery life as new, please call us before ordering.

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Detailed Refurbished Laptop Description

The MUST HAVE fully ruggardised Panasonic Toughbook CF28 laptop with amazing DVD-ROM drive built-in and fully integrated carry handle, FULLY SEALED with all drive/port flaps intact and present. This Toughbook CF28 is in excellent condition and comes with Windows XP Professional. This Panasonic Toughbook CF28 comes with super fast mobile 800MHz processor and rare, very much sought after, 13.3" TOUCHSCREEN display with DAYBRIGHT(TM) anti-glare technology - meaning the screen will display perfectly in direct daylight/sunlight. In addition this Toughbook has the enhanced onboard Intel Extreme graphics that will appeal to CADCAM/graphics users and designers. Modern, robust miltary grade fully ruggardised notebook that is fully shock proof, dust proof, splash proof and comes COMPLETE with integrated carry handle and all port/CD/DVD drive covers- as originally sold. This Toughbook operates in extreme temperatures inside and outside with its fully selectable operating temperature threshold, user-defined in the laptops system BIOS and this amazing Toughbook can survive a drop of upto 3 FEET onto a solid concrete floor without sustaining any damage, infact its toughness has been tested by Panasonic to withstand a 10 TON truck driving over it!. Its a full miltary grade ruggardised laptop.This Panasonic Toughbook CF28 has extreme weather enhanced protectness built-in.

Comes complete with an internal hot swappable DVD-ROM drive BUILT-IN, so it will play CDs, DVD,etc. This amazing Toughbook also has lockable notebook power on/off system for increased security - as this item has one integrated to it. This laptop can be customised to suit your needs including a bigger hard-drive upto 80GB. Comes with 13.3" TOUCHSCREEN Daybright display and 256MB of RAM. Normally the Panasonic CF28 Toughbook only came with a low 128MB of memory, so this super Toughbook is more than equipped to handle todays applications and tasks with high performance, thanks to its large 256MB of memory - so to sum up, your getting a perfectly good, topped up with all the expensive factory options, future proof fully ruggardised outstanding high performance Panasonic Toughbook CF28 laptop. Very much sought after and very rare Panasonic Toughbook CF28. Fully ruggardised miltary grade laptop with super bright DAYBRIGHT display technology. If you need a bigger hard-drive or upgrade memory or even the new Windows VISTA Operating System instead of Windows XP Professional then please call us for upgrade pricing. This unit comes with Windows XP Professional operating systems fully installed and is BUILT TO LAST. If you need Windows XP Professional operating system, instead please call us first before ordering. ONLY 1 LEFT in STOCK so hurry and don't miss out on this rare Toughbook CF28 with super internal hot swapable DVD-ROM drive. If you need a CDRW/DVD combo drive or DVD-ReWriter drive instead, please call us for upgrade costs, etc. This unique and amazing Panasonic Toughbook CF28 laptop has everything you need including a super internal DVD drive and can also take a larger hard-drive upto 80GB if required - please call us for pricing of these upgrades or any other upgrades you may need. OPTIONAL Bluetooth(TM), GPS also available for this toughbook, please call us for upgrade costs. This item comes with a removable WIFI card.

Pentium 3 Mobile 800MHz/ 256MB RAM


Hardware Specification
40GB hard-disk, DVD-ROM drive, WIFI card for high speed Wireless Networking Card, OPTIONAL LAN/Network, OPTIONAL Floppy drive and In-Car Charger also available - please call, lockable notebook power on/off system for security, Battery maximum efficiency mode, Daybright enhanced display, PORTS/Interfaces : 1SERIAL/RS232, 1PARALLEL, 1DOCKINGSTATION, 1LINEOUT, 1MICIN, 1PS2/MOUSE/KEYBRD, 1USB, 2PCMCIA/Card Slot. Supplied complete with AC adaptor/battery charger.

Software/Operating System
Windows XP Professional

OPTIONAL extended warranty available for this item ?/Period

Yes/Upto 2 years


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