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Quality Custom PC Systems

Frequently Asked Questions about our PC Systems

How long has Premiergent been building PC Systems and what experience do you have in the manufacturing of PC systems?

We're an independant UK based company, estabilished for over 10 years, specialising in high quality custom built PC systems.

We have been manufacturing, designing and building custom PC systems for over a decade. Premiergent builds for educational, corporate as well as public customers. We have a vast range of experience and expertese in the field of PC systems and bespoke server solutions. All PC systems are built to ISO 9001 guidelines and we only use premium recommended components from the worlds best and leading manufactures.

The Synergy range of PC systems can be fully customised to suit your needs.

The Synergy PC brands are exclusive to Premiergent Hi-Tech.

Our range of PC Systems cover two customer profiles :

The PowerMaster PC Range : The Powermaster range of PC's offer high end power computing to a range of educational, public and business customers. The Powermaster range has been specifically designed to offer the high end user an advanced complete PC system which has dedicated high resolution graphics and a wide range of interconnectivity including the latest Firewire, USB and Internet Broadband/LAN interfaces. These systems incorporate the new NVidea GeForce 4 DDR graphics standard offering phenominal graphical performance - tailored to a wide range of high end multimedia applications with onboard DDR dedicated
video memory and TVOUT interface. The Powermaster range is optimised for creative multimedia with its fast DVD-RW+- and DVD drives.

Hard-drive storage comes in the form of a large Seagate SERIAL ATA150 7200rpm hard-drive offering the latest fast data performance. There's more than enough power on tap, as power is supplied through a large AMD/Intel compliant PSU which provides enhanced power and support for additional internal peripherals.

The Midi Tower case used in the Powermaster PC range provides great expandability with room for 4 x 5.25" devices, 5 x 3.5" devices and 2 hard-drives.

Dedicated sound comes from the ever popular Creative Soundblaster sound card offering excellent gaming and multimedia peformance - as all these systems feature a fast DVD drive. Creativity has featured heavily in the design of Powermaster PC range - thats why every Powermaster PC system has a separate
DVD-RW+- and DVD drive as standard for fast CD-to-CD/DVD copying.

The Powermaster range of PC systems enhances your PC experience, creativity and computing experience offering you a complete multimedia package whilst not comprimising on brand quality.

Packaged in a ergonmically designed stylish midi tower case the Powermaster PC looks good in any environment and is much more than a conventional PC system.

As standard the Powermaster PC range comes with no operating system - however operating systems are available on request. All Powermaster Systems are fully upgradable and can be configured with a host of options and additional peripherals to suit your needs - please call or email us with your requirements.

The Synergy PC Range : The Synergy Range has been developed to offer public, educational and business customers a truly affordable complete PC system. We understand that budgets are restricted - customers desire to get the most for their money - whilst still finding a balance between cost, quality and
performance. The Synergy range is specifically aimed at these clients.

For todays communication and computing requirements we have put together an affordable complete PC system that will ensure customers get maximum performance and the best value for money. Thats why all Synergy PC systems have 10/100 LAN for networking and Broadband Internet as well the standard 56K communication modem.

The award winning Gigabyte/MSI/ASROCK motherboards used in these systems, incorpoarate onboard Savage PRO/Trident graphics, sound and LAN. A dedicated AGP graphics card slot means that you easily upgrade and install a dedicated graphics card of your choice if you require it. Storage comes in the form of a fast 7200rpm Seagate hard-drive offering fast data performance.
An attactive ergonomically designed Intel/AMD compliant Midi tower case - completes this package.

What if something goes wrong or I need technical support?

All Powermaster and Synergy PC Systems include 1 year parts and labour, (Return to Base) warranty as standard. The total warranty period is 3 years however Years 2 and 3 are labour only.

If you wish to upgrade to a 1 year on-site warranty instead then the cost is only £149.99*.

On-site and extended warranties are available on request, for period of upto 4 years.

Whatever your warranty needs our warranty packages will give you total peace of mind in years to come.

*First year on-site warranty upgrade must be purchased with the PC system.

Technical support is available FREE and charged at a national call rate number -

Alternatively you can email us at - We endeavour to respond to every technical email support request within 2 hours - 7 days a week.

If there's any issue - however minor - relating to hardware or software our experienced technical support staff will be more than happy to help you. All Powermaster and Synergy systems have FREE lifetime technical support available on a national rate number or through standard email.

What if I need to upgrade after buying my PC System?

Customer loyality is paramount to our business. Thats why if you buy any PC system from us and in the future you require any peripheral or upgrade, we can give you an existing customer discount.

Why do you use recommended components in all your systems?

When it comes to constructing a reliable fast performing PC System - its intergral components play a vital role. All components we use are recommended, e.g. all motherboards used in our systems are recommended by INTEL or AMD. This is very important because it gives you the best possible performance and reliability from your PC. Additionally while using only branded top quality components we can ensure that your PC system has a long product life.

There are many PC system manufacturers who use inferior components to construct their PC systems. Whilst pricing may look very attractive at time of purchase to the customer - we advise customers carefully consider before making a decision - as in the long run - money saved at time of purchase - is only spent to a much larger degree when the system fails!.

PC Industry analysis has proved that buying a PC system which uses recommended and branded components as with all our PC Systems - can mean enhanced product life, reliability and performance - giving the customer complete satisfaction in years to come.

Can I specify any additional requirements for my PC system?

Yes. The Synergy and Powermaster range of PC's can be completley customised to suit your needs with addional upgrades or peripherals.
Please call or email us with your requirements.

Do you offer any additonal software packages with the PC Systems?

Yes. We supply a wide range of popular software and operating system solutions.

Please call or email us with your requirements

We hope this section of the website helps you make an informed choice to buy a Synergy or Powermaster PC system. If there's any other topic not addressed here, please don't hesitate to contact us