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Synergy PC System Case Style Options

All Synergy PC systems can be fully customised to suit your needs. Thats why we offer a large variety of different case styles including ultra-portable slimline, midi and large towers or desktop, with all our range of Synergy PC systems at the customers request. If you require a choice of case from the list below - please let us know prior to ordering your Synergy PC system. We have a large selection of cases and styles which will suit your individual taste and specific requirement.

All cases are high quality CE and BSI certified with AMD/INTEL recommended PSU(Power Supply Units). Please note : Additional pricing applies on these cases...please enquire before ordering your Synergy PC system.

Ultra Portable Mini CaseC1

 C2Gigabyte Aurora Case

C3 C4







All in one system cases :



We stock a variety of different case styles and colours to many to list on this page - so If you still can't find the case style you prefer then give us ring and we can match one to your specification. Please note if you pick a different case from the list above then there will be an additional charge..please ring us to enquire before ordering.

We can also provide cases from well known case manufacturers such as Thermaltake, Chieftech, Coolermaster, Gigabyte, Aone, etc.