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Refurbished Small Form Factor IBM ThinkCentre S50(8183) Pentium 4 3.2GHz PC System with 17.1" TFT display and Windows XP PROFESSIONAL

Product ID Code S50-IBM8183
Current Item number 185

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This item is provided with a complete 12 months warranty. Extended warranties on request.

This refurbished PC system can be fully upgraded/customised to suit your needs including more memory, faster processor, bigger hard-drive, extra peripherals etc, please call us on 01642 783031 for options.

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Detailed Item Description

The IBM ThinkCentre S50 desktops feature a tool-free chassis design, which simplifies and enhances usability. Encased in a durable steel chassis, components inside the machine, such as the hard disk and memory, can easily be removed by the customer, making the PC serviceable and upgradeable, helping to limit the downtime and cost associated with on-site support. Cable routing is bundled out of the way for easy access to components and cable ends and user touch points are colored blue to be easily identified by the user. ThinkCentre S50 desktops also feature an innovative "caddy" that surrounds the hard disk drive, locking it into place without the use of tools or screws. Rubber bumpers on the caddy decrease vibration and deliver quieter operation. Other mechanical improvements have been made to the overall design of the ThinkCentre PCs, including improved airflow and reduced noise. The ThinkCentre S50 is a full-feature enterprise PC offering image and platform stability in an extremely small form factor. The ThinkCentre S50 is 62% smaller than a standard Lenovo desktop. It allows for flexible placement, either horizontally or vertically. The ThinkCentre S50 also features an internal power supply, two full-size PCI slots, three bays, and an industry-standard desktop optical drive. These features allow customization and easy upgrading, which is uncommon for a small form factor PC. Comes complete with 17.1" TFT display, keyboard, mouse. This Small Form Factor IBM Thinkcentre PC system comes with Windows XP Professional pre-installed with COA license and is powered by the Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor.

Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor/ 1GB DDR

Display/ Graphics
17.1" TFT display / Integrated

Hardware Specification
40GB hardisk, 10/100/1000 networking, DVDROM drive, keyboard, mouse, OPTIONAL WIFI, on board Soundblaster sound, PORTS : 6xUSB 2.0, VGA, 1RJ45 Network, 1Parallel, 1RS232 Serial, 1KeyboardPS2,1MousePS2, 1LINEOUT, 1LINEIN

Software/Operating System
Windows XP Professional

Fully integrated IBM Small Form Factor PC system, extremely slimline and compact

OPTIONAL extended warranty available for this item ?/Period

Yes, please call us for extended warranty options




Warranty/Delivery :

12 months/
3 days

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01642 783031
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