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Powermaster INTEL CORE-2-DUO QUAD CORE Q9300 2.5GHz High Performance PC Gaming System - 2 YEAR WARRANTY

Product ID Code QUADPCQ9300
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Price includes UK mainland delivery and LIFETIME UK based technical support, manned 12 hours a day during normal weekdays.

This PC System can be fully customised to suit your needs, with additional upgrades, etc. Please call us on 0844 8040 196 with your specific enquiry or email us

Where an operating system is supplied, we supply the complete genuine Microsoft Windows DVD/CD and COA license.

Reasons why you should buy this PC system?

PC system detailed description

The PC system is our own PowerMaster brand name and offers the user the very latest in INTEL CORE-2-QUAD CORE processor technology. Meaning the PC system can handle TRUE multitasking without no hesitation with 4, QUAD processing cores. This PC system uses only the highest quality branded internal components, a super silent 500W high power, power supplt meaning you get the very best in reliability, high performance and product longevity. The PC system will last for many years and is an amazing high performance gaming system. This comes thanks to its internal high quality GIGABYTE mainboard, that uses components that are modular solid-state designed to increase product life. This sort of high grade internal technology is'nt found in cheaper competitor's PC systems or our main line competitor's in the UK. We believe that using the right internal components adds not just value but optimum reliability to the end PC product. Our PC systems have been designed to offer the best internal cooling that equates to end user reliability. We don't just comprimise on components and design to obtain the cheapest possible price to beat competitors, we ONLY use high quality PC components to construct our state-of-the-art PC systems, meaning that the end PC system product is the VERY BEST.

This PC system can be of course be fully customised to suit your needs. We can still provide this PC system with Windows XP and have not gone down the same line as many competitors in offering Windows VISTA only if you require the optional installation of an operating system. Please note this PC system comes with NO operating system as standard. Please call us prior to ordering if you require Windows XP or VISTA.

OK here's the techy stuff. We have tried to simplify the PC's specification but if you need more detailed technical specification contact us before ordering. At the heart of this beast of a PC system is the latest high performance INTEL CORE-2-DUO QUAD CORE processor. It will handle many common home/office tasks with ease and you'll notice an incredable speed difference when your performing multitasking applications, e.g. running a virus check at the same time as exploring the internet. Because this high performance PC system uses the latest QUAD CORE processor technology the system won't be slowed down by things like automated virus scans in the background. It will glide along and you won't even notice any reduction in overall system performance like normal pc systems without QUAD or DUAL CORE. Thanks to its massive 4GB of DDR 2 800MHz high speed memory your applications will have plenty of run-time memory and as this PC system has dedicated PC-Express, NVidea Geforce 9600 1GB graphics card supporting the latest Direct X 10 graphics standard and HD/ TWIN VIEW output using the latest high performance DVI(Digital Video), interface, high performance games will run with ease. For storage this PC system has a massive 500GB high speed SATA 2 hard-drive and for all your DVD/CD playback a super internal Samsung DVD-RW multidrive. This DVD-RW drive supports all the DVD standards including RW/R/RAM as well as LightScibe Labling Function. This allows you to create your own CD/DVD lables and burn the design directly onto the top surface of the CD/DVD disk, with special CD/DVD media of course. So no more messy CD-writing pens anymore!

To make practical use of todays ever popularity of digital memory cards, this PC system has a built in digital memory card reader that will read and WRITE all popular digital memory card formats and plus you can just download your latest photos from your camera's digital memory card without even connecting your whole camera to the PC! Just slide your camera's memory card into the slot on the front of the PC and there you go, your photos are instantly downloaded to your PC!. As this PC system is designed as a complete base unit upgrade it does not come with any display, keyboard or mouse, etc. If you need any of these peripherals please call us for upgrade costs before ordering. So if your looking for a new upgraded PC system that will be the only system you'll ever need, then our Synergy QUAD CORE PC system represents the ideal and only choice and remember we offer complete UK based technical support(unlike our main competitor). Our UK based technical support is manned 12 hours a day during normal weekdays. This PC system comes with 2 years complete parts and labour warranty as standard. If you require any other upgrades, including a 2nd DVD-RW/DVD-BlueRay player/writer drive or even more memory, upgraded to a maximum of 8GB on the state-of-the-art PC system, please call us before ordering.

Intel CORE-2-DUO QUAD Q9300 (2.5GHz x 4) / 4GB DDR 2

Display Screen/Graphics Card
OPTIONAL(Please call us) / Nvidea Geforce 9600 1GB DDR2 graphic card

Hardware facts
500GB SATA2 hard-disk, Dual Layer DVD-RW drive with Lightscribe Labling Technology, Built-In-SmartCard Media Reader, High Defination Surround Sound, 10/100/1000 GIGABYTE Networking, PORTS/INTERFACES : 8 x USB 2.0 ports, 2 on FRONT, 6 on REAR, 2PS2,Mouse/Keyboard, 1Mic/LineIn, 1SurroundSoundOut, 1SERIALRS232,1PARALLEL, 1PSU, VGA, DVI, TWINVIEW Support, 1RJ45Network, 1TVOUT

Operating System/Software

Ideal QUAD CORE High Performance PC system



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Delivery :
5 days

Warranty :
2 years parts and labour

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