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Synergy PC System Standard Specification Table

ALL Synergy PC system pricing includes the following PC specification as below : Remember all Synergy PC systems can be fully customised to suit your needs.

IF you need any more technical information regarding any Synergy PC system please email us

Synergy PC System Standard Specification as follows :

Case Type/Style

Stylish Midi tower INTEL/AMD recommended High Power 500W PSU, with front access USB ports. Low noise operation. Colour is Black/Silver or Beige. If you have a colour preference please contact us and let us know.

Standard Synergy PC Base System :

Complete Custom Built Synergy PC system

Case style may vary from actual Synergy PC System shipped but this is due to stock limitations at time of order. Image used for illustration purposes only.

Certain Synergy PC systems come with no display.

Other case styles/types and colours also available - please call us if your require any different case type/colour for your PC system

See other PC Case Styles available as an OPTION

Graphics Card See Synergy PC System Price List Table,
As below

Communication GIGABIT Network/LAN, Fast 10/1000 Mb/s
(Broadband Internet),

OPTIONAL 56K Data/Fax Modem also available
OPTIONAL High Speed WIFI also available
Sound On board,
High Defination 7.1 Surround Sound System

DVD-ReWriter Drive/
Built-In SmartCard
Media Reader

High Speed 20x,
Dual layer CD/DVD-ReWriter +/-, drive with LightScribe CD Labling function. Supplied with software to allow you to make your own CD/DVD labels and directly write them to the CD/DVD using the DVD-RW drive's LightScribe Labling Function.

OPTIONAL Upgrade to a 2nd Dual Layer DVD-RW drive also available
Storage/Hard-Drive SEE Synergy PC Price List Table

High Performance 7200rpm SATA2 300Mb/s high speed data transfer hard-drive, additional
HDD upgrades upto 4TB and above also available on request,

OPTIONAL 1.44MB 3.5" floppy drive also available
Interfaces/ports 6 x USB 2.0 ports / or 2 x USB 3.0 ports,

OPTIONAL 8 to 12 USB ports also available

1RJ45(Network/Broadband), 1LineIn, 1SurroundSound/LineOut, 1Microphone, 1VGA(Display),1PSU
Motherboard High Quality branded motherboard,
INTEL/AMD recommended, used in each
Synergy PC System

Motherboard has
16 x PC-Express
graphics card slot for additional dedicated graphics card if required

Standard High Speed RAM suitable for system,

OPTIONAL Higher Speed 800MHz, 1066MHz DDR 2 and DDR 3 1600MHz FSB RAM also available,

Additional memory upgrades upto 32GB RAM
also available

For memory size please see
Synergy PC System Price List Table,

Operating System,
Multimedia Speakers,

Latest INTEL or AMD processor,

See Synergy PC System Price List Table,


Standard Warranty/
Technical Support

2 years UK Mainland RTB (Return-to-base)


COMPLETE Parts and labour.

Extended warranties also available
upto 5 years.

We also supply on-site warranties on request.

Lifetime UK based technical support available by email or low call rate telephone support line, manned 12 hours a day during weekdays

If you need any further technical information/upgrades regarding our
Synergy PC systems please call us on 0844 8040 196 before ordering.

A full range of Synergy PC options is available at checkout. You can customise your system here or call us first on 0844 8040 196 to have the system built to your specification.

Reasons why you should your new PC system from Premiergent Hi-Tech

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