Budget Laptop Repairs and Servicing UK

Terms and Conditions of Trade

1. General E & OE accepted on our website. We reserve the right to refuse a job/booking/service if we deem the laptop is too old to be repaired. Most laptops can be repaired though.

2. We offer FREE no obligation UK mainland collection. Please make sure the laptop is boxed and packed up carefully and marked FRAGILE. Our courier will come and collect the package from your home or place of business pre arranged with us on the phone. We only collect during normal working hours Monday to Friday, so please make sure your present to hand over the package when the courier arrives. We will only send the courier once to pick the item up FREE. If they need to call again then an addiional collection fee of £15 will apply. The courier offers loss insurance only, in case your package did go missing in transit but they do not offer damage insurance so please make sure the laptop is packed in plenty of protective packing, this is your obligation. Please make suire you send back any power adapter with the laptop.

We will collect the laptop from any remote areas of Scotland/Islands/UK Islands/Northern Ireland but a collection fee will apply depending on where you are. Some parts of Scotland are not deemed as the mainland by the courier so collection charges may apply, we will let you know at the time of booking.

3. Bookings can be done by calling us or via email. ALL bookings are undertaken in conjunction with the knowledge that the customer has read our terms and conditions of trade before contacting us.

4. If the customer does not want to go ahead with a repair job once we have informed and quoted them , then they are under no obligation but a fee of £25 will apply to cover our admin costs and return delivery costs to the UK mainland. Any other area of the UK Islands/Northern Ireland/Remote areas of Scotland will incur a bespoke return delivery charge on application depending on where you are located.

If the customer does not want the laptop back then we incur the right to dispose of the laptop within
14 working days of us informing the customer of the repair cost.

5. We use a national acclaimed courier to pick up the laptop and return it. The only insurance they offer is only loss insurance in transit, so hence why we state you must box the laptop up with internal packing and in a stong box, this is your responsibility to do so, as we will use the same box/packing the laptop was received in , to send it back to you once repaired/or you request it returned. Please mark the box FRAGILE.

6. Our repairs are guaranteed for 1 year from when we receive the laptop back for repair. Our servicing e.g. reinstall of operating system, cleaning up of windows file system so the laptop runs optimised etc is only covered by a month warranty from the date you receive the serviced laptop back.

We believe our terms and conditions are fair to both parties. If you have any enquires please contact us.

PLEASE MAKE SURE you back up all your important data/files before sending the laptop back to us for repair or service, as its your responsibility and liability. We offer no refunds on service/labour costs as once we start a repair/service we cannot offer a refund.

Return delivery charge of £25 just to cover our costs will apply once the service/laptop repair is complete, if your in the UK mainland. Extra return delivery charge will apply if your in remote parts of Scotland/UK Islands/Scottish Islands/Northern Ireland, etc

All laptop repair jobs/bookings are undertaken in conjunction with our trading terms and conditions. Please make sure you read our terms before contacting us or emailing us and you understand and accept them fully.