Budget Laptop Repairs and Servicing UK

PLEASE MAKE SURE you back up all your important data/files before sending the laptop back to us for repair or service, as its your responsibility and liability. By sending your laptop back to us for a service , we assume that you have read the details below for your required service and understand the process clearly.

Any service can be purchased together or just stand alone. IF you need a service or repair job not listed below please contact us.

Services :

1. Clean Re-install of Windows operating system so the laptop runs and performs like new

Cost : £45

Providing that you have the original license COA number, usually stuck to the bottom of the laptop and its readable we can refresh your laptop and load the operating system back on again, so you have a laptop performing like new. Please make sure you back up your data before sending the laptop back to us, as we will clean wipe the laptop, erasing all your data/files, etc. After long term use any laptop comes clogged up with files it does not use anymore and this in turn makes the laptop run slower. This service will reset the laptop to as new and you should get a benefit in performance providing there is no underlying hardware cause. If there is , we will let you know once this service is done. Please make sure your CD/DVD drive is working as we need this to load the system back on again.

2. System Clean : Clean up of existing Windows system while leaving your files/system intact

Cost : £30

This service completely cleans your laptop up of any unwanted/needed system files/temporary files/ cache files/processes that are causing it to run slow. Its less intense than a full system clean and most of time will improve the laptops performance. During this service any automatic web form entries/web site addresses/passwords/account details are erasedwiped, so this will mean you re-entering details once the laptop is back with you. Please make sure you store these details in a safe place before sending the laptop back to us for a service.

3. General internal laptop deep clean and service

Cost : £40

Many laptop problems specifically overheating , running poorly , fan always kicking in : providing there no underlying software/hardware problem is caused by the laptops internal components being clogged up with dust and dirt. We will inspect and open the laptop up and clean the inside fans and vents and service the heat dissapation system internal to the laptop. If your laptop is more than 1 year old we recommend this service as it will protect all internal compoents and increase there lifespan and longevity. This service will improve the reliability of the laptop and in most cases the internal system components will run optimised and cooler. This is a very low cost solution to many laptop problems and cost effective.

4. Replacement of broken/smashed/faulty LCD/screen of laptop

Cost : £40

This service will replace any broken/smashed/faulty screen of laptop for a fixed labour charge of £40, however long it takes us to replace it. Many laptops are complex and to keep costs low we charge just £40 plus the trade price of LCD screen of your model laptop. Providing there is no underlying hardware problem and its the just the screen of the laptop that needs replacement , we will only charge £40 fixed labour cost.

5. Replacement of keyboard of laptop

Cost : £25

If your having problems typing keys / or slow responding key presses/keys not responding when pressed, providing there is no underlying software/hardware cause we will replace the keyboard for a fixed price of £25 plus the trade price of your model laptop keyboard.

6. Replacement and Testing of Laptop Battery

Cost : £15

If your having reduced battery life/ laptop suddenly turning off whilst on battery, no battery life at all then we will replace your laptop battery inside your laptop plus the trade price of a replacement battery for your model laptop for a fixed price of £15. We may use a OEM replacement recommended battery but it will be guaranteed for 6 months from you receiving the laptop back and will give you battery life like new.

7. Adhoc Laptop Repairs

Cost : TBC

We offer low cost laptop repairs. As we don't make money on parts, just supply them at low trade prices, this means you get the best possible price for the whole repair. Our labour rates are lower than industry standard so go ahead click here ,


Remember we offer FREE no obligation UK nationwide mainland collection of your laptop for service/repair.

8. Clone Existing Hard drive and Upgrade to a bigger new hard drive

Cost : £25

On any laptop , we can copy the existing data, operating system, your personal files, data/pictures/photos/files, etc and place them all intact on your new hard-drive. So this means you dont need to backup your data and you can have the exact files/system as before on your laptop..except it will be on a new larger hard-drive. New Hard-drive depending on size, e.g. 160GB, 250GB, 500GB, 750GB, 1000GB, 2000GB, 3000GB, etc is charged at extra cost, please contact us for upgrade pricing.

Please note, Return delivery cost of the serviced laptop when buying any of the services above will incurr a return delivery charge of £25 just to cover our costs. if your in the UK mainland. Extra delivery charge will apply if your in remote parts of Scotland/UK Islands/Scottish Islands/Northern Ireland, etc