Budget Laptop Repairs and Servicing UK

Budget Laptop Repairs UK is part of www.premiergent.co.uk which specialises in the sales of new and refurbished PC systems and laptops but Budget Laptop Repairs UK specialises in the budget repairs of laptops or PC systems. We offer cheap repairs but quality repair solutions and component replacements for all laptops and PC system brand's and model's. We offer a complete door to door service covering the whole of the UK.

Budget Laptop Repairs and Servicing UK specialises in the servicing and repairs of laptops. Laptops are very expensive purchases and most of them can be repaired economically without the need to spend hundreds or replace the whole unit. The company has been in business for over 10 years and have a wealth of experiance in the laptop repair business and have repaired thousands of laptops with low cost to the end customer. We are a ethical company and most of our business comes by recommendation.

The company offers budget laptop repairs and servicing including restores/data wipes and clean re-installs. For laptops with smashed screens/cracked screens , a one of cost of £45 labour plus the price of the LCD for your specific model laptop is all you pay to get a new LCD fitted. Our repairs are backed up by a 1 year warranty and all our parts are at trade prices so you get the best deal possible.

Our company offers the following service to you :

1. To book a job/get a repair/service quote you phone us on our local rate UK mainland number ,
01642 783031 or mobile 07583 737526 or book a job/obtain a quote using our online booking quote form.

We will then send you a repair quote including parts/labour.

2. If you choose to accept our quote and go ahead with the repair then after payment is made for the repair job a insured fully trackable courier will come to your home or place of business during the weekday arranged by us excluding bank holidays in the UK mainland and collect the laptop/PC system. Our company only collects from the UK MAINLAND but we can collect from the islands of the UK for a small additional fee.

3. Our company will let you know when the laptop is back with us and within 5 working days our engineers will assess the laptop/PC system and carry out the repair.

Thats it , a simple and cost effective UK nationwide repair service with FREE UK mainland collection.

Please make sure your laptop is packed in a suitable box/internal packing when the courier comes to collect. The courier will only attempt to collect the laptop once so please make sure your available to hand the box over at a day we agree with you.


We repair and replace keyboard, screens and offer component level repair where possible to save you money.

We offer advanced diagnostics using the latest cutting edge tools including BGA repair systems, component level re-heating and soldering to factory standards.

We can replace individual integrated circuits/module boards causing faults and repair the laptop to factory manufacturer standards all for low cost compared to most in the industry.

We will also fully clean the laptop inside if we need to replace parts inside whilst its in our workshop making the components and heat disapatation inside the laptop like new free of charge as a value added service.

Our fully trained technicians can service any make and model of laptop. We have been in the industry for over 10 years and we constantly evolve our repair techniques as technological advancement occurs in each model of laptop so we have vast experience in older and newer laptops.

We have access to thousands of individual parts and components and we can source almost any part at a trade price saving you money on the repair job.

Our labour rates are very low and we offer FREE diagnosis saving you even more money.

ALL our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months giving you total peace of mind and assurity. Most laptops can be fixed economically if you know what your doing and we certainly do.

Recycling laptops and making them run like new by repairing them not only saves you money but you also will benefit in the fact your reducing waste on Planet Earth as most laptop parts cannot be broken down or recycled and most broken laptops with hazadous components inside end up in land-fill , adding to the world's worries. So do your bit for the enviroment, don't buy replacement new laptop - instead send your old laptop to us to get it fixed economically. Most people don't need the latest all singing new laptop , older laptops will do the job and most people only use them for internet and home office , so no need to replace with faster newer laptops when older laptops will do the job perfectly well. We can also service laptops at low cost and make them run like new.

We are ethical and believe fixing old laptops will save you money and help the environment. So give us a go, we collect FREE in the UK mainland and there is no obligation.